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About us

About us

Using The Very Best Modern Tech In Our Industry

   During my 35 years of experience in the construction industry, I have had the pleasure of working with the most advanced software systems available today. Design 3D blueprint software and multiple project management systems.    

   In today’s residential construction industry I believe we both understand the need for these advanced software systems. For instance, while using the online project management portal, If a property owner wants a design change it can be caught ahead of time to save extra costs. They can see the project progress happen over time. The homeowner can review the project schedule and know when milestones are completed.

   Using the 3D blueprint design software a clear visualization of the project can be understood. The homeowner can make changes to make sure what they imagined the project would look like gets incorporated into the blueprint. 

   The property owner has access to digital files such as the contract docs., materials submittals, material delivery dates, contractor scope of work, Project Schedule, etc. 

   I’m excited to use these modern tools to expedite your next project. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to help bring your vision to life. I’m looking forward to seeing you onsite, Have A Great Day! 

Time manage

Construction Management Planning and Scheduling Certified

Fulfill target

Microsoft Project Certified.

Procore Project Management Certified

Nathan P Agostini

(Chairman and founder)
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Carolina Additions Is A Full Service Contractor

You trust us with your Home, Your Investment. We want to assure you we will protect your interest like our own. We take full responsibility while your project is being completed. 


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Let’s Face it, To streamline your project work sequence flow we need to utilize the most advanced software systems available today. We want you to be satisfied with the process. We believe you will be completely satisfied. We Got This! 

Carolina Additions
We Bring Your Vision to Life.

Carolina Additions

Why choose Carolina Additions? 

  • 35 Years Experience
  • Project Management 24/7 Online
  • 3D Blueprint Design Software
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

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